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App&Flow is Montreal’s leading app development agency. We build apps that just work — for your users, your team and your business.

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Mobile Application in an iPhone FrameMobile Application in an iPhone FrameMobile Application in an iPhone Frame

Build like the best

The world’s top brands — including the National Football League, Pizza Hut and Microsoft — use React Native for app development, and so do we. We were the first agency in Montreal to start using React Native and its ecosystem, and we’ve been a trusted partner in the community ever since.Learn More
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Mobile Application in an iPhone Frame
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React Native
Mobile Application in an iPhone Frame
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React Native

Detail-oriented app development.

An app that works is just the start. We leverage the very best in app development technology and practices to create an unparalleled experience for your users.
Face ID & SSOFace ID lets you securely authenticate purchases, sign in to apps, and more, all with just a glance.
Universal linksSeamlessly link to content in your app or on your website.
Cross platformPublish and maintain apps on iOS and Android with one codebase.
Light/Dark ModeComfortable UX tailored for both low-light and high-light environments.
In-app purchasesIn-App Purchase system makes it simple for customers to purchase your digital goods and services on the App Store and in your apps.
Push notificationsLocal and push notifications are great for keeping people informed with timely and relevant content, whether your app is running in the background or inactive.

App development from start to finish

Whether you need end-to-end app development or targeted assistance, we’re committed to delivering excellence.
Mobile Development
Mobile DevelopmentMake sure your customers can interact with you from anywhere.Learn More
React Native Development
React Native DevelopmentPublish to iOS and Android from one codebase.Learn More
Server Side Development
Server Side DevelopmentA great application requires a safe and robust backend.Learn More
App Design
App DesignDesign an app that works for your customers and your business.Learn More

Don't take it from us

Five stars reviewWe frequently recommend A&F to folks that come to us looking for help with their React or React Native apps.
Brent VatneExpo
Five stars reviewWith App & Flow we made the transition from a web only experience to releasing mobile apps to hundreds of thousands of users.
Chris HoudletteLanding
Five stars reviewI’m impressed with App & Flow’s transparency and communication skills.
Julien F Patry, Business DevelopmentSnapSize
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We plan, develop and deliver the best apps for the best companies.

App & Flow has been building beautiful, high-performing apps since 2015. Now, we’re one of the most trusted app development agencies in the React Native ecosystem. Then as now, our mission is simple: build the very best apps for the very best companies, while treating our clients the way we want to be treated.About us

Good apps, good business

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