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Getting back on track.We were brought in to transition a non working native iOS and a React Native Android app to a unified React Native codebase. From the start, we had a clear vision and established a plan for how this could be accomplished. After a few months, the application was live on the stores and the team at CanWe could finally start iterating over their product following users feedback.
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"They execute very quickly on established plans. When encountering an obstacle in the original design spec, they have repeatedly been able to propose and implement an alternative path of less resistance in as little as two days. Attention to detail is superb. I have worked with a wide variety of on and off shore teams, and nobody compares to App&Flow, in the realm of mobile full stack development."Jesse Hemingway, Software Architect of CanWe
We're a close-knit team of developers, non-comformists and old friends based in Montreal.
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