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JavaScript, React Native, Redux

screenshots of Mule app

Why the founders chose us as their front end team

The Problem

Mule connects shippers with travelers to deliver items anywhere within hours. When they reached out to App & Flow, the team at Mule was understandably hesitant – they’d already had a less than stellar experience with another studio. The code base was a mess and the end product was nothing like what was intended, so they wanted to be very careful this time around.

The Solution

Our transparent process, constant communication and technical expertise helped us quickly gain the trust of the team. We built a first version that made them feel confident and equipped with an application that would allow them to finally go to market.

"The App and Flow team is very honest, candid and kind. We appreciated their honesty and clear communication about abilities and process. They were able to really clearly paraphrase our needs and clearly explain the steps, fees and payment terms. I could tell they had thought about the process."

Francis Raymond, Co-Founder & CEO at Mule