New Story


iOS, Android


TypeScript, React Native, Redux

screenshots of New Story app

Why the founders chose us as their front end team

The Problem

New Story is a YC backed non profit that aims to end global homelessness through innovative processes and management. The company operates in remote regions, which posed some unique challenges: they needed a proper way of managing the worksites, as well as a way to quantify the impact that a home has on the families that receive it… and they needed to do it without an Internet connection! They chose App & Flow to help them build.

The Solution

We built New story two applications that work properly even without a reliable Internet connection: a survey app, and an operation app. Both apps have been used successfully on the field and helped New Story grow into the breakthrough company they are today.

"Our growth would not have been possible without App & Flow. We operate in remote regions, so we needed apps that would run well without a strong Internet connection. The App & Flow team was knowledgeable, flexible and responsive at every step of the development process, and both of the apps they build for us are now being used successfully in the field."

Matthew Marshall, Co-Founder & Head of Product at New Story