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How we helped a startup raise a series A with high quality software.Point is a neo-bank, a bank that is optimized for the world of today: mobile. The team at Point knew they would have to pivot a lot between YC Demo Day, Investors Meeting and official release. Because of that, they wanted to work with us to maximize their chances of success with their new venture.
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We know how important it is to be nimble and produce quality software, quicklySince we began work on Point, we refactored and pivoted more times than we can count. We know how important it is for startups to be nimble and produce quality software, quickly in order to reach the next level and keep growth and engagement high. From Y Combinator all the way up to Series B, Point trusted us with their mobile product.
"App & Flow have been integral to our software development process and as a startup we appreciate their flexibility with changing priorities and designs that we want to implement. We would highly recommend them to any company who is trying to implement a high quality mobile app on an aggressive timeline."Kenan Pulak, CTO at Point
We're a close-knit team of developers, non-comformists and old friends based in Montreal.
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