iOS, Android


TypeScript, React Native, Redux, Node.js

screenshots of Internal app

Why we decided to build it

The Problem

As former UQAM students ourselves, the App & Flow team was frustrated by the university's lack of technological offerings. It was tiring to deal with mobile versions of not-so-mobile-friendly websites. We dreamed of having something that could unify all of the university’s services.

The Solution

We decided to create a mobile app that would do just that. Some of the platforms were open-source and had easy-to-access APIs, but others were more complex and needed time to reverse-engineer. When we finished the app, we used it and shared it between our friends. The feedback was so great that we decided to upload it to the app store... and boom: 50 users, 300 users, 1000 users. We currently have 10,000 active users, which is 25% of all UQAM students. Recently, we also developed features to help users sell their school books, access the school journal and find their classes throughout the campus.