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Working with, and on, React Native since its very inception.Since the very beginning of React Native, Expo has been building an entire toolchain around it, aiming to facilitate and accelerate the development of mobile applications and beyond. React Native developers were rare when the technology was first was open-sourced, and Expo needed a team that could match their internal expertise. They reached out to App & Flow to help them to accelerate the development of their toolchain.
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From the very beginning, we've been huge fans of ExpoBecause we were one of the first teams to specialize in React Native, we were able to quickly jump in Expo’s codebase and start contributing. From building native modules to developer tools and bug fixing, we have been active contributors on Expo since 2017.
"At Expo we have worked with App & Flow to develop a number of features into our product and it was always a pleasure to collaborate with Charles and the rest of the team! We frequently recommend them to folks that come to us looking for help with their React or React Native apps."Brent Vatne, Software Developer at Expo
We're a close-knit team of developers, non-comformists and old friends based in Montreal.
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